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Configuration for AMS 6500
Protection Monitors
„„Pre-configured user-selectable measurement
types simplify software configuration
„„Password protected with 4 user login levels
for customized access
„„Context-sensitive help messages address
setup questions quickly
„„Includes trend, time function, order
analysis and startup/coast down data
for comprehensive setup.
„„Configuration includes setup for basic
prediction capabilities, including troubleshooting
and diagnostics
The AMS 6500 configuration software for machinery protection
allows you to configure protection modules, view real-time
vibration monitor system and sensor health.
The intuitive configuration process starts by selecting a card
type. Next, the configuration software presents a simple
tabular view with all configuration settings visible. Tabs help you
sort information between inputs, outputs, advanced machine
diagnostics and administrative tasks. Permissible ranges are
visible for every required entry to help you understand the
bounds of parameters. Preset parameters are automatically
loaded when Emerson sensors and convertors are used.
Real-time data can be displayed during system configuration
to verify that wiring, card settings, and instrumentation are
healthy and configured properly. Real-time information such
as gap voltages, waveform data, and overall vibration data
are viewable.
On-going maintenance functions, such as resetting latching
relays or loading a saved configuration, can be easily performed
from the software. The software can run on PCs or laptops.
With the system configuration software, the following monitors
of the A6000 family can be configured:
A6110, A6120, A6125, A6140, A6150, A6151, A6210, A6220,
A6310, A6312, A6312-8, A6410, A6620, A6630, A6740,
A6740-10, A6824, A6824R
Basic Prediction Capabilities
The AMS 6500 configuration software has built-in capabilities
for some trends that allow basic troubleshooting and prediction
of the machinery. The main value trend shows a graphical
representation along with card health and alarm values. The
software displays the time function of the vibration signal, the
FFT analysis date with up to 400 lines resolution and the FFT
phase data. The software also displays the last startup or coast
down of the machine. The configuration software visualizes the
data and shows speed over time and vibration over speed for
each channel.
Main Configuration Window

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